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Telugu Movie Megastar Chiranjeevi's brother, Pavan Kalyan who was introduced amidst great publicity for his first movie - "Akkada Ammayi Ikkada Abbayi" essays a different role in his second movie of his career, "Gokulam lo Sita". The word `love' is a taboo for Pavan, the playboy, and bringing about a metapherphosis in the meaning of that word by taming the playboy is this - "Gokulam lo Sita".

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Sree Padmasai Chitra

Starring :

Pavan Kalyan, Raasi, Harish, Sudhakar, Kota, Brahmanandam,Sri Hari, Achut, Mallikarjuna Rao.

Having lost his mother during his childhood Pavan(Pavan Kalyan)is pampered by his father, Muddukrishnayya (Kota Srinivasa Rao). The misused freedom turns Pavan into a playboy. Pavan, with his friend Bhaskar(Harish) go to a music concert by the heroine, Sirisha (Raasi). For Bhaskar, it is love at first sight. Although for Pavan it is not the same, he tries to have her as a one-night stand through his 'broker' friend Baburao (Sudhakar), the comedian in the movie. Having been unsuccessful, he tries to get her attention by sending her a flower bouquet which meets with a stern rejection from the heroine.


Dailouges  : Posaani Krishna Murali
Camera   : Dathu
Music    : Koti
Director : Mutyala Subbaiah
Producer : N.Daasharadhi,B.Srinivas

Some turn of events bring them together when Sirisha had to be saved from a situation of being married to a person, she doesn't love, at the request of Bhaskar (her lover). Sirisha is brought to Bhaskar's home by Pavan. Shocked at the rejection by her cowardly lover due to lack of consent for the marriage from his parents, Sirisha is distraught at being in such a mess. Pavan gets yet another opportunity to come to her rescue and this time he takes her home to his father.

Rating :

Gradually she realizes that with her gentle handling, understanding and love Pavan was giving up his wayward life and was on the path to being reformed. Pavan is now truly in love with Sirisha. All's well until Pavan's father's idea of asking Sirisha to take a virginity test sours matters. Sirisha goes back to her family leaving a languishing lover in Pavan. As if repeating history, Sirisha is once again forced into an unhappy marriage with Hari(Srihari) just to be rescued in time by her lover who until then was `on a fast unto death' for his unrequieted love.


Lahari This climax messes up the otherwise sensitive love story by making it very unrealistic. The director Mutyala Subbaiah proves his directorial prowess in handling a sensitive story but for (some dragging and unwarranted scenes) the climax. Pavan acts well to show the marked tranformation from being a playboy to a sensitive lover. But Raasi takes the honors in the title role for her excellent acting. Comedy by Sudhakar, though knit well into the story sometimes seems to cross limits of decency. The Censor board has adopted same weird ways of erasing the sound track. Posani Krishna Murali's dialogue, barring the comedy is good. Songs are the main asset of this movie set to tune by Koti. Dattu's photography is excellent.